Grand Opening of Grain Terminal in Nikolaev Sea Port

Ukrainian Orexim Group of companies and Korean Posco International Corporation officially opened the Grain Terminal in Nikolaev.

The President of Posco International Corporation Kim Young Sang and the shareholder of Orexim Group of Companies Yurii Budnyk pronounced a greeting  speech  at the ceremony.

The project has been started in 2017 and successfully completed at present time.

Posco and OREXIM partnership in this project will lead to new technologies, progressive management systems, capital markets and trading. The City of Nykolaev will gain job growth for  more than 200 of people as well as the tax payment to the local budget.

The project was created with the help of the work of the people of Nikolaev and the support of local authorities and, first and foremost SE USPA and SE MCSP.

We thank everyone for their honorable work, professionalism and dedication. We are positive about a long, productive and well-coordinated work. The two powerful companies partnership and cooperation  is a very productive dialogue for the benefit of the economy and the investment market.


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